• Building Brand Loyalty: It's Not Just About ROI
    I recently returned from visiting my father in Mexico City, the place where I was born and lived for most of my life. As it happens often during these trips, I quickly became aware of how different Mexico is from the U.S., and it's not because I can't find my favorite products at the local stores or watch my favorite TV shows while I'm there. I can.
  • But You Don't Look Latino...
    A few weeks back, I was having lunch with a friend at my favorite Chelsea haunt, discussing the issue about Latino self-identification. I then pointed out, "Everyone here could be Latino." Intrigued, my friend patiently waited to hear my logic.
  • MySpace's Success May Hinge On Young, English-Speaking Hispanics
    The recently launched new MySpace features a slick design, horizontal scrolling, and a focus on musicians, artists, celebrities and their fans. The new owners, including Justin Timberlake, who bought MySpace from News Corp for only $30 million in June 2011, are aiming to turn around the world's first social network.
  • Hispanics, Tablets And The 'Mobile First' Imperative
    One of the benefits of being in the advertising business is you sometimes get access to first-hand research - done on behalf of clients - into consumer mindsets and behavior that doesn't always show up in published reports and syndicated research. For example, over the last 18 months, we have conducted numerous ethnographic interviews with U.S. Hispanics aimed at better understanding their digital behavior. One interesting, and somewhat unexpected trend emerged from our interviews: Hispanics, particularly older, less acculturated, and Spanish-dominant Hispanics, are increasingly using tablets.