• Other Key Considerations When Planning Marketing Campaigns
    In a previous article, "Allocating Latino Marketing Budgets With Projections," we started discussing one of the most serious issues that come into play when planning multicultural marketing strategies: budget allocation.
  • Jump Or Climb Out A Window? ... Depends On The Translation
    I recently read a book by Jonas Jonasson, translated from Swedish into Spanish. It was the most outlandish and humorous literature I could remember-a story full of colorful and fantastic episodes. Although intriguing, the novel was a bit difficult to understand at first. As a Mexican and native Spanish speaker, the words were easy to decipher, but not the humor-for the novel was translated-not in Mexico-but in Barcelona. Although Spanish is my native language, as a Mexican, my syntax, expressions and colloquialisms are quite different from those of Spaniards.
  • Allocating Marketing Budgets With Projections
    The rapid growth of the Hispanic American consumer segment has been widely discussed over the last few years. It started well before the 2010 Census, which revealed that Latinos in the United States had grown by more than 27 million or nearly 10% during the first decade of the new century. This growth has certainly caught the attention of chief marketing officers at major corporations, advertising executives, search engine optimization experts, and other marketing professionals who are scrambling to tap into this burgeoning consumer group.
  • Online Publishers Double Down on Facebook
    A lot has changed since I first reported on how Hispanic online publishers were using Facebook in June 2010. Back then, only a few Hispanic publishers were taking Facebook seriously, but over the past year and a half, Hispanic publishers have significantly increased their presence on Facebook and now view it as a critical channel for them to remain competitive. For Hispanic publishers, a robust Facebook presence is critical for a few key reasons.
  • Marketing Insights: Some Things I've Been Noticing
    When you're in business -- whether it's selling cars or building houses-- you often get caught up in the day-to-day of the work you do and lose sight of the changes going on around you. It happens to all of us. It's the old adage of not being able to see the forest for the trees.