• Connecting 'Like A Good Neighbor' On Facebook
    Find your voice and your passion, first and foremost. Once you have established this, remember the key to a successful relationship is to listen twice as much as you speak, and keep the conversation engaging, culturally relevant, in-language and above all, genuine.
  • It's Not Just About Language, It's About Understanding
    It's not just the Hispanic-American youth that is making waves in the U.S. society, it is also the African-American youth, the Asian-American youth, the Indian-American youth, the European-American youth and all the other young people in this country who are being exposed to incredible diversity since birth that are saying: Enough hyphenated identities!
  • Finding Consumer Insights In Unexpected Places
    Insights for marketers can come from anywhere. That's why we recently invited Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, for a talk with our agency.
  • 5 Reasons For Using Spanish To Reach Hispanics Online
    The release of the 2010 Census has re-ignited the debate about which language is best for reaching U.S. Hispanics. With U.S. born Hispanics now outnumbering foreign born Hispanics, the voices of proponents of using English are growing louder. Where do I stand in this debate? Well, it's quite simple: Figure out the language preference of your target audience and use that language, be it English or Spanish.
  • Census Data And The Future of Hispanic Advertising
    How will the Hispanic market change mainstream marketing? In 10 years, when Hispanics make up 26% or more of 18-24 year olds -- based on 2009 Census Population Projections -- what will beer commercials on the Super Bowl look like and who will be creating them?