Mexican Border Population Provides Unique Challenges
    Immigration from Latin America (and specifically Mexico) has slowed and changed drastically since 2005. An analysis by Pew has shown that about the same number of Hispanics immigrate as return to their countries, creating a net zero growth of immigration as recently as 2012.
    Foreign-Born Hold The Key To This Market
    It seems like a lot of marketers are focusing on the native-born segment of the population, and some are even questioning the role of specialized Hispanic agencies. It started shortly after the 2010 U.S. Census revealed that 62% of Hispanics are native born. Clearly the native-born segment of the U.S. Hispanic market is critical for marketers to understand and address, but foreign-born Hispanics still hold the key to the Hispanic market -and the need for marketing agencies that understand this segment is stronger than ever.
    It's Time To Question Everything We Think We Know
    Whenever someone first gets involved in Hispanic marketing, they inevitably come across a series of universally accepted "truths" about Hispanic consumers and how to market to them. While some of these truths have faded as the market has evolved over the last 50 years, some continue unchallenged. But as anyone who is deeply involved in marketing to Hispanics today will tell you, the market has evolved as quickly as it has grown. Today's modern Hispanic marketer understands everything we think we know about Hispanics has to be questioned - especially long-standing "truths" that are likely oversimplifications rooted in a simpler, …
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