• Part I: Culture Shock
    During a recent trip, I gathered a collection of basic Greek phrases that were supposed to help me secure the elemental needs in life. I also felt confident that my ability to speak English and Spanish could come to the rescue if needed.
  • It May Be Beauty, But You Still Need The Brains
    I was having brunch with a copywriter friend and telling her how much I enjoyed working as a copywriter for beauty advertising. She kept on smiling politely, until she blurted: "But ... don't you miss it? Being a creative?"
  • How To Target Hispanics With Facebook Advertising
    Twenty-five million Hispanics visit Facebook each month. That represents 74% of all online Hispanics. Given these figures, it is not surprising that countless brands and organizations use Facebook advertising to reach the nation's largest minority group.
  • Developing Latino Leaders To Deliver Growth
    Does your company's talent pool reflect the audience segments that will deliver the fastest growth? And have your executives fostered opportunities for a diverse leadership team that can best understand multicultural America?