• Look For Surge In Spanish SEO Demand
    while it's clear that consumers are neither one dimensional nor language-centric, for those businesses that are serious about reaching the entire spectrum of the U.S. Hispanic community, then, connecting to the Spanish-preferred and Spanish-reliant audience through a cost-effective Spanish SEO campaign can be an integral part of the overall Hispanic search engine marketing strategy.
  • Make Certain You're Speaking Their Language
    Marketing communications inherently seek to educate and to persuade. There's no reason why marketers should experience any drop-off in either as they migrate their copy from English to Spanish -- so long as they don't lose their grasp of nuance or their respect for what can be crucial linguistic and cultural differences.
  • Multi-Platform Beringer Campaign Breaks New Ground
    Obviously, Beringer sees its pilot campaign, which will continue through the end of this year, as an opportunity to create and enhance brand preference and loyalty in a very promising growth market (7.3 million Latinos 21 and older consume wine, and 20% report drinking one or more glasses of wine in the past 30 days, for an average of five glasses per month).
  • Hispanic Online Publishers Turn To Twitter
    Like any marketing campaign, succeeding on Twitter requires a well-thought-out strategy and a continuous, two-way dialogue that provides value to a given target audience. It also doesn't hurt to have a television network that reaches millions of households.
  • Social, Sure, But Watch Social Media Behavior
    All of these quantitative data are sound and the conclusion is pretty straightforward: Hispanics use social media as much or more than their general market counterparts. That's great and all, but it doesn't really help a marketer figure out how to use social media to market to Hispanics.