• Reaching Today's Bicultural Latinos
    New technology and more complex identities will require changes in strategy for marketers.
  • 'I Am Yasuni': An Example of Multicultural Understanding in Targeting a Market When the Coin Lands On Its Tail
    Brands, advertising agencies, the government, political candidates and anyone else seeking widespread support in this nation must unravel the seeming mysteries of communicating with and understanding the Hispanic community. Forums like this one, as well as many other columns, conferences and symposiums, all attest to his need, which is recognized by most (if not all) major marketers.
  • Making the Connection
    During a recent trip to Los Angeles, two colleagues and I dined at a Spanish restaurant awarded by Los Angeles Times as one of the top "Most Memorable Dining Experiences." After a rough start with our designated waiter, Raul, a Latino waiter who had been watching us, came to our rescue. He was determined to make sure we felt welcome and that we would enjoy their creative approach to Spanish cuisine. Even more than the food, it was Raul's attentive and personal approach that really made the experience memorable for us. It made me think about how we as consumers ...
  • CVS Faces Uphill Battle With New Spanish-Language Website
    In launching a Spanish language version of its website, CVS is attempting something that only Best Buy has been able to pull off -- successfully launching and supporting a robust Spanish language e-commerce site in the long run.
  • Hispanicize 2012 And The New Media 'Emprendedores'
    In April I had the opportunity to attend, speak at, and sponsor the third annual Hispanicize 2012 conference. The event has quickly grown into a premier conference for the new Hispanic social world - the intersection of business and Hispanic media, advertising, film, culture and social media. I have had the unique vantage point of having been intimately involved in the conference since its inception in Dallas back in April 2010 (originally billed the Hispanic PR and Social Media conference). 2012 was a real coming of age for the conference, with more than 700 attendees, 43 major brand sponsors, and ...