• New Generation Latinos -- It's All About The Numbers In 2011
    In a year when the U.S. Census is going to confirm without a doubt (once again) that NGL's are driving both population growth and Hispanics' contribution to the U.S. economy, we are committed to helping those in media, marketing and entertainment fill in the information gaps surrounding how best to communicate with and reach this elusive audience.
  • There Goes The Neighborhood: 2011
    The marketers who are really going to win with this audience are those who are willing to invest in understanding where the Hispanic market sees itself going. Those that don't will be left behind. And whatever that vision may be, the one thing we can count on is that, based on the drive, size and power of the Latino population in the U.S., it will almost certainly become a reality.
  • Consumer Trends for 2011 Are A Shoe-in
    I recently came across a thought-provoking briefing by Trendwatching.com in which it predicts consumer trends for 2011. As I read the brief, I was fascinated by how right-on it is and how Hispanics lie at the center of many of these trends. For this post, I have highlighted the consumer trends I feel will be most impacted by Hispanics.
  • 2011: The Year Of Creative Destruction
    I think 2011 will result in even more changes than I boldly forecast last year. I think by the time 2012 rolls around, we're barely going to recognize the Hispanic marketing space that has seem tremendous growth -- more people, more media companies, and more agencies -- but changed very little since 2000. Here are my revised, emboldened predictions for Hispanic marketing in 2011: