• Reaching U.S. Hispanics On The 'Long Tail' Of Country-Of-Origin Sites
    U.S. Hispanic consumers have changed the way they consume media. But have we changed the way we plan media campaigns for U.S. Hispanic consumers to reflect those changes? Or, are we taking advantage of the new media tools and vendors that reach U.S. Hispanics on country-of-origin sites?
  • Social Media Marketing Is A Multicultural World
    Social networking services allow people to organize and enhance their relationships online, but regardless of technology, culture is still the glue that bonds people together. Marketers seeking to reach ethnic minorities through social media must reinforce and connect with the culture of their target audience if they seek to strengthen their clients' brands on social networks.
  • Spanish-language Facilitators Share Their Best Tips
    One solution to engaging less-acculturated Hispanics -- and generating organic word of mouth among them -- may lie in smaller, more intimate environments, by creating a place where they feel comfortable, accepted, heard, and even challenged -- in short, a place like home.
  • Make Your Marketing Dollars Pay: Target Tweens
    To effectively reach Hispanic tweens, you need to do your research. Like any other demographic, you have to create campaigns, launch them, test them, and optimize them over time. That being said, here are five proven methods that seem to resonate with Hispanic tweens you should consider trying first.