Hispanics Approaching One Trillion Dollars In Aggregate HH Incomes
    The median household income for Hispanics this year is estimated to be close to $45k, below the $57k average. 19% of the US population identifies as Hispanic, and two-thirds of the Hispanic population are from Mexico.
    Culturally Hi-Def: How To Integrate Music Into Cultural Marketing
    Brands that market to multicultural audiences have found music as a key approach to connecting across generations. But multicultural marketers sometimes overlook the many facets differentiating their target audiences, ranging from differing countries of origin to local cultures and experiences. To truly connect, marketers must craft precise messages for specific segments rather than treating the multicultural community as a singular audience.
    Why Are Hispanic Millennials Streaming More Spanish-language Content?
    It's no secret that traditional Spanish broadcast networks have been experiencing a steady loss of viewers in the U.S. year over year. Many factors are contributing to this decline including a slowing in immigration from Mexico. But, perhaps even more impactful is the fact that growth in the U.S. Hispanic market is primarily coming from U.S. born. However, our latest report, which focuses on the media habits of the Total Market, shows a significant increase in the number of Hispanic millennials streaming Spanish language content via over the top services.
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