The Issue Of Defining A 'Target'
    It seems like an increasingly segmented classification of Hispanics is more than ever the holy grail of marketing efforts. At least that's what the many statistics compiled by a rapidly growing number of specialized firms in acquiring data seem to point to. And how could that not be the case when the numbers continue to attest the incredible force behind such a large group of people?
    Hispanic Affinity Cluster Opens Opportunities For Brands And Facebook
    Last week Facebook announced the launch of a new Hispanic affinity cluster. In essence, Facebook has figured out a new way to identify U.S. Hispanic Facebook users and group them into the new cluster that marketers can use to target Hispanics.
    Multicultural, Total Market, Cross-cultural - What Does It All Mean?
    There has been a pivot in the last five years to a new lexicon and strategy of integration in the world of Hispanic, and multicultural marketing. The rapid growth of Hispanic, Asian, African-American and other ethnic populations, and the trend towards ethnic "minority majorities" has moved multicultural marketing out of the silos and into the C-suites of many large companies. What was once a niche is now mainstream.
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