• Choices, Choices, Choices
    Lately I have been interested in how and why we chose what we do. What is involved in that "very personal" act of deciding which products, actions, and people we favor?
  • Media Strategy Should Work Across Languages
    Recent research published in Advertising Age's Annual Hispanic Fact Pact revealed an interesting fact about the media consumption habits of Hispanic adults ages 18 and older. Taking into account their consumption across all media, 75% of Hispanics consume media in both English and Spanish, with 11% only in Spanish and 14% only in English.
  • 5 Reasons Marketers Should Pay Attention To Google+
    As the fastest-growing site in history, Google's month-old social networking platform Google+ is something Hispanic marketers should follow closely. Although not open to businesses yet, Google+ will soon be rolling out an offering for brands that will represent a real opportunity for Hispanic marketers for the following reasons.
  • Is Hispanic Advertising A Discipline?
    Hispanic advertising in the U.S., since its inception in the 1960s (check out Latinos, Inc. if you are interested in the reading about the early days of the industry), has historically been a specialty segment served by specialized agencies focused solely on Hispanic advertising. The business of Hispanic advertising has seen consistent growth since those early days and has become a robust segment within the overall advertising business. Other ethnic segments, such as Asian and African American advertising, have a similar history and growth trajectory.