• Simple Guide To SEO For U.S. Hispanic And Latin American Markets
    To reach these markets, you can use a combination of local SEO and more regional SEO. However, you need to be able to spot the key differences in the English and Spanish SEO needs for these markets as well.
  • Generation N, The New General Market
    The U.S. Hispanic market has reached a tipping point. Current trends suggest expanding influence will blur the lines and Hispanic and general markets will collide. The resulting merger will reveal a new, younger American consumer market with a heightened element of Latino flair.
  • Groupon Latino?
    Last week, Groupon turned down a $6 billion bid from Google. The enormous offer -- and the fact that Groupon declined it -- highlights the vast size and potential of local online markets. It also inspired me to take a look at who's best positioned to reach the local Hispanic online market.
  • Leading With Digital
    Leading with digital in the Hispanic market is not about irrationally abandoning traditional media channels. Instead, it's about drastically changing how Hispanic campaigns are planned, developed and managed. Keeping in mind that a large number of Hispanics are still not online, a thoughtfully executed digitally driven approach to Hispanic advertising can bear significant fruit and take our industry to the next level.