• Legal Disclaimers In Political Campaigns?
    In a 1952 film, "We're Not Married," Fred Allen plays Steve Gladwyn, a haggard husband to Ramona Gladwyn (Ginger Rogers). They are the unhappily married hosts of the hit radio show "Breakfast With The Glad Gladwyns." When Steve learns that there are eight new sponsors for that morning's show, he bitterly states to his producer: "When the revolution comes, Mr. Graves, the first blow struck will be against radio programs that mention more than 25 sponsors within the first 10 minutes."
  • 'Tantas Curvas,' But Where's The Weight Loss Industry?
    According to the American Obesity Association, overweight and obesity disproportionately affect Hispanics and African Americans. Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control show that 72% of Hispanics, 84% of African Americans and 68% of non-Hispanic Whites are overweight or obese.
  • Upstarts Challenging Big Media In Reaching Online Hispanics In English
    Eighty-one percent of the 34 million online Hispanics prefer English or are bilingual. This reality, coupled with the flood of advertising dollars that political campaigns will invest to sway the critical Latino vote, make it an interesting time to look at English digital platforms that target Latinos.
  • Eight Predictions Of Things That Won't Happen In 2012
    It's that time of year - when all the prediction articles come out. Not one to be left behind, I have decided to take a stab at some bold predictions for what I see happening in Hispanic marketing in 2012. However, in my contrarian tradition, I've decided to make eight predictions of what I don't expect to happen in 2012.