• Finding The Smartest People To Find The Smartest Solutions
    As the Hispanic market evolves, the strategies to target them are becoming more complex. Agencies must evolve to deal with these complexities. This means getting away from old school mentalities and striving to incorporate new and innovative ways of thinking. Hiring young top-tier talent at the entry level can help begin to evolve agencies in order to meet the needs of marketers entering the complex Hispanic market. Marketers need to work with agency partners with smart people in order to crack the Hispanic market.
  • Finding Cultural Identity In Modern America
    Navigating the maze of one's identity is always tricky. Adding ethnicity to the layout brings even more twists, turns and blind alleys. The result is a course that can seem impossible to complete.
  • U.S. Banks Not Doing Enough To Market To Hispanics Online
    Each month, nearly 11 million U.S. Hispanics go online to meet their banking needs,according to comScore. Although it seems like a big number, it represents only 32% of all Hispanics online. As the economy improves, banks can expect more Hispanics to educate themselves on financial matters and visit bank websites. But are the banks doing enough to proactively engage Hispanics online? It's a question I set out to answer by looking at the three largest U.S. banks and their Hispanic online strategies. What I found was that, although Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo have large numbers of Hispanic ...
  • Reframing The Discussion: When The Hispanic Market Is Your General Market
    Talk of the Hispanic market going mainstream is nothing new. The old Chevy Nova and "vuela en cuero" stories about the nuances of the Hispanic market have been replaced by the ubiquitous "salsa outsells ketchup" statistic, a testament to a momentous demographic shift that has been slowly, but steadily, remaking the U.S. since the 1970s. Every year, we see more data points and examples of the Hispanic market becoming the general market.