• San Diego Thrives Via Hispanic Business
    The city's reputation as the detour location for Hispanic commerce continues to grow.
  • Automotive Mom
    Hispanic moms are a key and influential target for automotive communications, particularly as related to selection and purchase of a new family vehicle.
  • DRTV's Best Friend
    Until we figure out the profitability of online performance marketing on its own merits, we can take immediate comfort from the knowledge that integrating online to a DRTV campaign can significantly impact the profitability of the TV spend. And this is why it may prove to be the most significant growth opportunity for all advertisers in the U.S. Hispanic Market.
  • Is This Group Really More Social?
    On one hand, there are countless studies indicating that Hispanics are extremely engaged with social media. On the other hand, few marketers are proactively leveraging social media to reach online Hispanics.
  • Moore's Law
    Let's start with the bad news. Historically, Hispanic marketers have benefited from the relatively large lag of three to five years behind general market adoption of new digital media technology. The good news is that it will level the playing field for organizations looking to reach and engage this population.