• Introducing Hispanic Personas
    I think personas provide an effective tool that can be evolved to include psychographic data (among other types of qualitative research) to help brands effectively navigate the Hispanic social media waters. It is for that reason that our team undertook what we are calling the Hispanic Persona Project.
  • Part II: Are We Witnessing The End Of The Hispanic Advertising Agency As We Know It?
    The Hispanic agencies that possess this ability to traverse these two markets and, more importantly, sell that concept to the client, will have a clear advantage and may do a reverse cross over into one general market. I see more and more of them everywhere.
  • Latinos Power Growth Of Ultimate Fighting Championship
    For a sport that caters primarily to the male 18-34 demographic, Latinos, who make up 20% of this audience, represent a key portion of UFC's viewership. In fact, recent Simmons data show that they are even more enthusiastic about the UFC than their non-Latino counterparts, with 37% of Latino males 18-34 saying they are "very interested" in the UFC, compared to 23% of non-Latino males in the same age group.
  • Agency Pulls A JLo
    Although some may find this post a bit self-serving, I feel that this story is reflective of the massive influence Hispanics are having on the United States. Indulge me while I tell you about the evolution of our company from a Hispanic digital agency to an agency that now executes both Hispanic and general market work.
  • Are We Approaching Hispanic Social Media All Wrong?
    Let's take a step back and think about why the Hispanic marketing industry exists. Hispanic marketing exists primarily for three reasons: Language, population size, and culture.