• 10 Things To Know About These Shoppers
    1. Hispanics are destination-shopping: When targeting Hispanics, the competitive set is not just other retailers and stores, but also destinations. By developing the overall store experience, retailers have an opportunity to increase time spent in store as well as store loyalty.
  • A Car's Symbolic Meaning To The Mexican-American
    The car's meaning to the Hispanic family is beyond the functional (a means of transportation) and emotional (I'm just like other American parents with cars. I belong to the same club), but strikes the rawest nerve in the symbolic meaning of success.
  • Culture + Technology Usage = The Perfect Storm
    When you combine the highly social Hispanic culture with strong technology usage, you get a perfect storm. Social media is the perfect avenue to unleash the Hispanic culture. For the most part, every-day Hispanic culture is confined to neighborhoods throughout America. Social media changes that. It gives every-day Hispanics a voice and provides a global, viral platform for spreading the culture.
  • As Agencies Evolve, Where Do Hispanic Shops Fit?
    Hispanic agencies need to expand beyond Hispanic capabilities to include other audiences as well as the general market to be relevant. While that decision won't be optional, they will also have to decide whether they going to be specialists or lead agencies in the new "rebundled" multicultural agency world.