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Mike Proulx

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Mike Proulx is Chief Digital Officer at Boston-based advertising agency Hill Holliday, where he co-authored the book "Social TV." You can follow him on Twitter at @McProulx.

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  • Augmented Reality: The Hottest Thing Marketers Don't Want  in MAD on 09/18/2017

    We recently surveyed over 600 marketers across industries, roles, and levels to find out what agency "digital" marketing capabilities and media trends are most important. When asked what they plan to spend more money on in 2018, at every cut of our data, their lowest priority (whether analyzed via business alignment, spending, c-suite-only execs, or industry) is augmented, virtual, and/or mixed reality.

  • Here's The Reason No One Is Using Facebook Stories in MAD on 05/02/2017

    The answer is that they're already content with Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories -- they don't want to use (or switch to) yet another platform to post "stories." What does this mean for advertisers on Facebook?

  • Is It The End Of Disposable Content? in Marketing Daily on 07/21/2016

    Snapchat shifts from ephemeral to forever.

  • Agencies: Embrace 'Connected Screen' Era, Or Die in MAD on 11/16/2015

    Simply put, a channel-driven agency roster doesn't work anymore as it leads to fragmented customer experiences. Today, media is all mashed up and the content that people consume no longer fits into clean "buckets." The irony is that the very tech-driven revolution that caused this agency fragmentation in the first place is quickly leading the media landscape back towards a singularity.

  • Why Brands Will Pay Attention To Twitter's Periscope Over Meerkat in Marketing Daily on 03/31/2015

    Twitter, as a company, has an inherent infrastructure and ecosystem already in place to ensure the blue bird trumps the yellow Meerkat bringing Periscope to the masses - from tech culture to pop culture.

  • Happy 20th Birthday, Banner Ads. Now, Please, Retire in Marketing Daily on 10/31/2014

    The first banner ad was from AT&T and simply read, "Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will." And people did just that, in droves.

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