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Lee Sosin

Member since October 2014Contact Lee

  • Senior Vice President Hearst Magazines Digital Media
  • Twitter: @leesosin
  • New York New York
  • 10019 USA

As senior vice president at Hearst Magazines Digital Media, Lee Sosin is responsible for advertising solutions across Hearst’s digital portfolio, which includes 18 brand websites such as,, and In this role, he oversees the process from branded concept development to content creation, including Hearst Magazines’ digital video studio. Sosin was most recently vice president, strategic solutions at Yahoo, where he oversaw the expansion and verticalization of Yahoo’s sales strategy team. From 2006 to 2011, Sosin was director of development and then vice president at Time Inc. Studios, where he led Time Inc.’s branded entertainment, television and film division. Earlier in his career, Sosin co-founded and was senior vice president of The America Channel, a start-up cable network, and co-founder of the Association of Independent Programming Networks.

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  • Online, Everyone Is A Teenager -- Marketers, Adjust Accordingly in Native Insider on 11/25/2014

    Let's face it, the Internet population is basically a teenager: We are completely self-obsessed, totally unpredictable, and almost entirely motivated by looking cooler than we actually are. Remind you of high school? We can't help it. We all construct our digital lives so that we are the center of attention. Every device, every screen, every digital moment is there to serve us. It's not really THE Internet, it's MY Internet. It's a world I create and a world I control, and anything that doesn't directly provide value to me is an annoyance. Parents of teenagers will recognize the attitude. And yet despite this reality, many advertisers fail to adjust their strategy when moving into native. They attempt to use native advertising the same way they do traditional, to push their product claims or reinforce brand speak.

  • The Karaoke State of Native Advertising in Native Insider on 10/29/2014

    Apologies to those who have witnessed this in person, but more than a few karaoke bars have seen me grace the stage over the years. Nobody -- and I mean, NOBODY -- has ever mistaken me for Bon Jovi. It's not just because my voice is terrible (which it absolutely is). The truth is that even guys who can hit the notes are never mistaken for the real thing. They can sing the lyrics and even wear the clothes, but nobody is fooled. It just feels different. Unfortunately, karaoke is the state of much native advertising today. It's no wonder. Ask someone to define native, and you'll get the usual talk about advertising or content that is designed to LOOK like other content on the page. Focusing on form misses the point. It also misses the audience.

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