• Study: 8 In 10 Consumers Appreciate They Aren't Forced To View Native Ads
    It's widely known that most people find advertising interruptive and downright annoying. But a new study finds that consumers are increasingly willing to give brands permission to engage with them via native advertising, and 8 in 10 of those surveyed appreciate that they aren't forced to watch/view native ads.The research also found that consumers are 12x more likely to "strongly agree" that they prefer native ads.
  • BG BrandLab Playfully Educates Consumers, Businesses On LED Lightbulbs
    Looking to educate consumers and businesses about LED lightbulbs and energy efficiency, Mass Save, a collaborative of natural gas and electric utilities, aims to break down common misconceptions about LED technology. It enlisted the BG BrandLab, the brand studio of Boston Globe Media, to help it deliver the message with a mix of sponsored and provided content.
  • 'Apartment Therapy' Experiments With Diverse Creative Assets To Engage Its Millennial Audience
    Apartment Therapy and Kitchn have become popular destinations for inspiration on interior design and decor, DIY [do-it-yourself] home improvement projects, and household organizational ideas. Apartment Therapy is experimenting with diverse creative assets to engage its predominantly millennial audience
  • Global Content Marketing Revenues Poised For 14% Growth In 2017
    The U.S. is the world's largest market for content marketing, exceeding $12 billion in 2016 (44% global share), but it ranked only 16th in overall growth, trailing world leader South Korea's 22% surge by eight points, according to new intelligence from PQ Media.
  • Study: Native Ads Paired With On-Site Branded Content Bring Meaningful Brand Lift
    A new study that explores the impact of combining a native in-feed ad unit and a branded content landing page found meaningful increases in unaided awareness, online ad recall, and purchase intent.
  • Hanza Media Aims To Create Native Advertising That's Useful, Engaging
    Ana Plisic of Hanza Media says native ad campaigns must bring something new and useful, inspire, and engage consumers enough that they'll share and recommend the content.
  • Bringing Native Advertising To Transit Apps
    A Chicago-based mobile ad network that specializes in location-based targeting and transit apps has launched native advertising capabilities. CommuteStream said native ads can be displayed in a variety of formats according to each app's form and function.
  • Reuters Plus Bows Native Video Campaign For Synchrony Financial
    Reuters, the global multimedia news provider, debuted a native campaign that deploys video in a new way. The campaign, which began airing on June 29 and goes through July 31, breaks one video into four 20-second spots placed between segments in Reuters TV's news programming,
  • Offer Value, Be Authentic, And Count Hard KPIs
    The Native Advertising Institute (NAI) has released an ebook highlighting 19 examples of successful native ad campaigns from around the world. The ebook offers a detailed look at the campaigns, as well as best practices for implementing them.
  • Study Finds Two In Three Consumers Trust Branded Content More Than Traditional Advertising
    A new study by Time Inc. reveals that two in three consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising. With the study, Time Inc. sought to understand how GenZ, Millennials and GenX consumers respond to and engage with branded native and branded content and referred to both as "custom content."
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