• The Trade Desk Adds Native Ad Partners
    Global demand-side platform The Trade Desk Inc. on Tuesday said it will integrate with Sharethrough, Google AdX, Yieldmo and TripleLift inventory sources.
  • Research Finds Native Advertising Can Damage Media Outlets' Reputations
    In a Pennsylvania State University study, when content was identified as native advertising, readers expressed a lower opinion of the media outlet it was published in. However, the reputation of the company being promoted was not affected.
  • Research Explores Impact Of Native Advertising On Media Outlets, Ad Companies
    An academic study conducted by researchers from the Arthur W. Page Center of Pennsylvania State University has found that native advertising may create negative perceptions of media outlets. The research, presented at a conference this spring, will be published in the "American Behavioral Scientist."
  • Premium Native Vs. Programmatic Native: Which Offers More Engagment?
    Polar Founder and CEO Kunal Gupta sees the native market evolving in a bifurcated way: premium native vs. programmatic native. While there's a lot of excitement around programmatic native from the ad-tech community, Gupta takes the contrarian view that native is premium content created by publishers -- and publishers alone.
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