• The Importance Of Pancakes: BuzzFeed/Holiday Inn Express Campaign Engages Viewers With Humor
    BuzzFeed's the master at native advertising and sponsored content. Its partnership with Intercontinental Hotels Group's Holiday Inn Express brand is an example of a seamless integration that delivered solid consumer engagement with plenty of room for iteration.
  • A Third Of Native Ads Fail To Comply With FTC Guidelines, Less-Explicit Ads Perform Better
    About a third of native ad placements fail to comply with federal disclosure guidelines, according to an analysis by Polar, a native advertising developer. More significantly, the study suggests publishers may not be complying because the explicit nature of federal recommendations may not perform as well as more ambiguous approaches favored by some publishers and advertisers.
  • Time Inc.'s In-House Content Studio Has Real-Time Data Advantage
    The Foundry, Time Inc.'s content studio, boasts a real-time advantage that helps inform creative development.
  • Report Finds Branded Content Campaigns Grew 75% In Q2
    A global report tracking the performance of branded content in the second quarter identified a number of key findings including that the number of active campaigns grew 75%.
  • Online Trust Alliance Finds Majority Of Native Ads Lack Transparency
    The nonprofit Online Trust Alliance (OTA) on Wednesday conducted a study that found that 71% of native ads on top media sites fail to offer adequate labeling, transparency, and complete consumer disclosure.