• Influencer Marketing + Native Is A Powerful Combo
    Influencer marketing combined with native advertising is a potentially powerful and compelling combination.
  • Sharethrough's 'Mediation' Aims To Make Native Process Easier, Boost Publisher Revenues
    Sharethrough is making it easier for publishers to manage and monetize native advertising. The ad-tech firm, which enables publishers to sell native advertising that appears in-stream or in-feed, on Wednesday said it's made "Sharethrough Mediation" available to all Sharethrough for Publisher (SFP) customers.
  • Native Email Is Often Overlooked
    When advertisers and publishers think about native advertising or sponsored content, they often think about viral, social programs, infographics, in-feed videos and articles. But what about native email?
  • Mode Media Survey Reveals How Branded Content Impacts Consumer Purchase Intent
    Mode Media teamed up with Nielsen on a survey to understand how branded content affects brand impact across a group of advertiser campaigns on desktop and mobile platforms. Findings showed that mobile users' purchase intent was higher than desktop users'.
  • Yahoo Analyzes Native Ad Growth On Its Platform
    Apart from the development that no one can ignore -- that Yahoo officially put its core business up for sale in late February -- the company recently reported on developments within its Yahoo Gemini native advertising platform. As of Q4 2015, there were 350 billion native ad requests for third party mobile app inventory on Yahoo Gemini, accounting for more than half of the platform's impressions.
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