• Two Native Ad Giants Partner On Native Programmatic Capabilities
    Native ad platform companies Bidtellect and TripleLift said they're entering a partnership that will bring advanced programmatic capabilities to native advertising. The goal is to connect high-quality native inventory-supply from TripleLift's platform and exchange-with native demand from Bidtellect's native demand-side platform (DSP). And, to help publishers achieve higher yield and more relevant ads on their sites.
  • How To Measure Native Ad Campaign Effectiveness
    One knock on native advertising is the lack of standard measurement tools. A panel-based approach is one way to measure native ad campaign effectiveness.
  • Native Video Is On A Growth Trajectory
    A new report about native advertising suggests that native video is growing fast. In fact, between October 2016 and December 2016 the use of native video grew 3.75x, according to Bidtellect, which looked at the video run-rate on its platform.
  • 15 Things You Need To Know About Programmatic Native
    Programmatic native is becoming an increasingly important way for advertisers to achieve scale. Of course "native" means different things to different people, and when you combine it with "programmatic," it becomes a maelstrom.
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