• Outbrain CEO Yaron Galai: Publishers Get Paid With Readers' Attention
    Native Insider spoke with Yaron Galai, co-founder and CEO of Outbrain, a content-discovery platform that serves 250 billion pieces of paid content, mostly native ads, each month. Outbrain will launch a new set of capabilities it calls story sequencing: the ability to offer different stories and messages that will be interesting to people at different phases in their journey.
  • Get To Know The Native Advertising Institute
    If you're involved in native advertising in any way, you need to know about the Native Advertising Institute (NAI), an association formed in early 2015 and based in Copenhagen. Christine "Stine" Holmgaard is your guide.
  • Nativo's Justin Choi: With Native, Focus On Content First
    Nativo founder Justin Choi weighs in on the importance of leading with compelling content in native advertising.
  • A Conversation With Branded Content Strategist Melanie Deziel
    Melanie Deziel is a branded content strategist, consultant and founder of The Overlap League, a newsletter and resource for practitioners that covers the native advertising sector. Native Insider asked Deziel for her take on the native ad landscape.
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