• The Impression Is Dead. Long Live The Impression!
    How can we measure our new forms of native advertising? Currently, a digital display ad, or banner, costs about $2 per CPM , or about a fifth of a cent per view. These prices will continue to drop. Savvy companies and platforms have realized this losing battle and have changed our frames of reference. The cost-per-click metric used to price search engine advertising, like Google AdWords, has given us a new anchor for tools further up the funnel.
  • The Three Cornerstones Of Kick-Butt Content
    The late author Maya Angelou once said, "I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." At a time when content marketing for native ads can get fixated on the little stuff -- hitting "send" at the right time of day, bite-size blog posts, the individual words, likes and comments - Angelou's words are a reminder that these grains of sand are subordinate to the beach and the feeling it creates.
  • Native Advertising Shakes Up Agency And Brand Ecosystem
    According to SocialMediaToday, 2014 was all about the chief content officer. This year we're seeing more chief native officers, as the need to integrate content and advertising increases. The role of the CNO would be to define this new format in the advertising ecosystem.
  • The Good, Bad & Ugly Of IAB's Definition of Native
    Banner ads failed to meet the needs of the sophisticated marketer. So when native advertising came along -- a technology that brought the prospect of higher engagement without resorting to shenanigans -- marketers jumped at the opportunity. As with any new ecosystem, though, participants needed to understand the market. Committees were formed, standards were created, Lumascapes were made. Perhaps most importantly, the Interactive Advertising Bureau convened and established what it defined were the six types of native advertising. By and large, this list is actually a well-considered and thoughtful compilation. It helpfully separates verticals of vendors and offerings. There are, …
  • What Is A Native Revenue Stack?
    A key question for publishers looking to incorporate native is how to make it work. Navigating the tension between maximizing both yield and quality, in particular, is proving difficult. The new trend is to build out a native advertising "revenue stack." Here are the three elements most commonly seen in a publisher's native stack:
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