• Offer Value, Be Authentic, And Count Hard KPIs
    The Native Advertising Institute (NAI) has released an ebook highlighting 19 examples of successful native ad campaigns from around the world. The ebook offers a detailed look at the campaigns, as well as best practices for implementing them.
  • Study Finds Two In Three Consumers Trust Branded Content More Than Traditional Advertising
    A new study by Time Inc. reveals that two in three consumers trust branded content more than traditional advertising. With the study, Time Inc. sought to understand how GenZ, Millennials and GenX consumers respond to and engage with branded native and branded content and referred to both as "custom content."
  • First Devise A Content Strategy, Then Do Content Marketing
    In order to have successful content marketing, you need a content strategy. By extension, in order to implement native advertising or branded content, you still need a content strategy as a foundation, Rebecca Lieb asserts in the new book: Content--The Atomic Particle of Marketing.
  • Understanding Distribution Strategies Key To Successful Content Marketing
    In a new ebook on content marketing, Chad Pollitt argues that creating effective content distribution strategies is key to successful content marketing.
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