Sharethrough's 'Mediation' Aims To Make Native Process Easier, Boost Publisher Revenues

Sharethrough is making it easier for publishers to manage and monetize native advertising. The ad-tech firm, which enables publishers to sell native advertising that appears in-stream or in-feed, on Wednesday said it’s made “Sharethrough Mediation” available to all Sharethrough for Publisher (SFP) customers.

Sharethrough Mediation is a feature of SFP, a native supply-side platform that enables publishers to optimize native ad revenue by using multiple native partners to get the best value for each impression. With the goal of boosting ad revenues, Mediation automates the implementation of multiple ad network tags to direct impressions to the best-performing demand partners.

“Mediation helps publishers optimize and automate their existing revenue opportunities while using fewer internal resources [like the development team] to run their native advertising software stack,” Sharethrough's VP of product, Curt Larson, said via email. While Mediation has been live on more than 70 sites, Sharethrough is now making it available to all customers. Sites that have been using Mediation have seen average daily ad revenue increases of as much as 40%, the company claims. Sites like Rolling Stone, Variety, ABC News and Forbes are all Sharethrough for Publisher customers and will have access to the Mediation.

Larson positioned the function as reducing the amount of work publishers have to do to manage their native-advertising tech stack. Prior to Mediation, publishers had no automatic way to ensure that when an ad was served on their site, the impression was filled at maximum value. Publishers needed to install new code on each page of their sites for each native ad supplier, Larson explained. With the new capability, they only need to run the Sharethrough tag. Before Mediation, publishers also had to download separate revenue information for each demand partner on a daily basis. Now they can perform revenue analysis for all partners within a single view.

In the context of native advertising, Sharethrough’s Mediation technology goes beyond what is traditionally required for management of fixed­-size display ads. Rather than asking the engineering team to install new code on each page with each new native ad network provider, a publisher’s ad operations and product teams can swap in native ad tags within a single self­-serve platform.

Sharethrough worked closely with PMC Entertainment in developing Mediation which is live on its sites which include Hollywood Life, TVLine, BGR, Variety Latino and Variety. “With SFP's Mediation feature, we were able to traffic, manage, and prioritize all of our native demand sources with no development work needed, ultimately resulting in more revenue for PMC Entertainment at diminished technology costs,” stated Brian Levine, PMC’s Director of Monetization.

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  1. Craig Mcdaniel from Sweepstakes Today LLC, March 23, 2016 at 1:05 p.m.

    Share? You have to be joking. The ones who control the purse strings behind Native is Google AdWords and AdSense. Why? They control the text links that publishers need. I ask Google management over 11 years ago for the coded text links to place in my Native ads back then. They refused to help even though they would make a ton of money because they want to keep control of online advertising. This is really about Google's total control of online advertising not Native ads. Make no mistake, Google has a monopoly and they finally have competitors in RTB's. So what does Google do in regards? They told me by phone to take down a competitor's banner. If I didn't, they would take revenue a big amount of revenue away (more than half) take away my number one space ranking on the first page for the keyword "Sweepstakes" and we went to page 27 in one month. As a bonus prize Google kill positive PR stories in Search for all. It was I couldn't take down the competitive ad location, it was a major technical redesign reason why I didn't. So do I consider this blackmail. Yes. So tell me how to SFP is going to stop this conduct by Google? Give them some award or something?

    You have no idea what it is really like to be publisher online in today's market. You represent only the very large multimillion dollar publishers.  Smaller publisher does not have a voice in your "SFP" because you really don't want to see what the real world works in online advertising.

    So if you really want to help, ask Google and big advertisers to give us publisher coded text link to advertise their contents. Or are you to afaid to do the right thing?

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