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Aleena Astorga Roeschley

Member since September 2014Contact Aleena

  • Sr. Project Manager Communicus
  • Tucson Arizona
  • 85745 USA

Aleena brings decades of experience in Hispanic culture and language to her leadership on the Communicus team, providing insights and recommendations to brands seeking to engage Hispanic consumers. Aleena is a second generation Mexican-American, growing up in an Arizona border town. Throughout her childhood, she was connected with family in Mexico and was raised to read, write, and speak both English and Spanish. She sought to embrace the dual cultural lifestyle throughout her schooling, pursuing studies to become entirely bilingual and bicultural. She is keenly aware of the differing demographics and cultural nuances of today’s consumer market and works closely with other members of the Communicus team to develop and customize surveys and studies. Her informed, sharp perspective on advertising strategies, particularly through her key translation dialogues and cultural observations, adds significant value to market research focused on engaging and influencing the Hispanic consumer. Effectively targeting the Hispanic consumer is a rapidly growing priority for brand marketers, and Aleena plays a vital part in establishing Communicus’ industry expertise on the subject. Aleena works with teams to provide clients with actionable insights on the performance of their integrated marketing campaigns. She manages associate project managers and research associates to advise on client relationships, Communicus research methodology, and deliverables. As a skilled manager, Aleena ensures that Communicus’ strategies are effectively implemented, producing valuable insights and recommendations to best meet client needs. Aleena holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a Minor in Spanish from Eller Business College at the University of Arizona.

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  • 6 Mistakes That Can Ruin Hispanic Advertising Measurement in Engage:Hispanics on 02/22/2017

    With 59 million Hispanic consumers in the U.S. possessing purchasing power of $1.5 trillion annually, winning over this valuable segment is integral to the success of many consumer brands. Yet time and again, advertisers make the same glaring errors in their attempts to understand advertising performance among Hispanic consumers.

  • Myths And Realities: Advertising That Engages And Persuades Hispanic Targets in Engage:Hispanics on 09/25/2015

    There is a variety of strategies on how to best advertise to Hispanic targets. While some tactics can be effective, many are built on myths that no longer particularly work. It's easy to stereotype an audience, and then address them as such. But the 55 million individual Hispanic consumers in the U.S. are definitely not monolithic, nor should they be stereotyped.

  • Will The Hispanic Market Help Samsung Beat Apple?  in Marketing Daily on 11/03/2014

    While general market kids prefer Apple, Samsung is in a much stronger position with Hispanic kids, who see Samsung mobile devices as just as good as Apple on important dimensions that include "can do the things I want" and "is a brand for someone like me."

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