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  • The Star Wars Factor: What Can A License Do For Your Brand? in Marketing: CPG on 12/16/2015

    You would have to be living on another planet not to know about the new Star Wars movie. Not only has there been substantial buzz on social media and in the news, but Star Wars-themed products are practically spilling out of the aisles in every major retailer in the country.

  • Going Back To School: Nutrition Labels And Allergies in Marketing: CPG on 08/19/2015

    I have a mini-battle in my house at the beginning of every school week over how many times my son can buy lunch in the cafeteria. He loves to buy lunch and would do it every day if I allowed it. I always assumed it was the experience that drove his interest: standing in line with friends, making choices, charging his account. One week I got the real scoop: "Mom, I'm not allowed to eat with my friend because he has allergies," he told me.

  • The Limits Of A Brand: Is Innovation Right For Everyone? in Marketing: CPG on 06/17/2015

    No matter the industry, people like to talk about innovation. That's because innovation is about positive change, and change is often a key component of growth for any business. In the competitive CPG space, innovation is a lofty word and is often confused with introducing any new item to a category.

  • Louder Than Words: Brand Integrity And The New Age Of Marketing in Marketing: CPG on 04/15/2015

    Brand integrity is a nuanced, important topic for any company. How consumers perceive a company through its products, image, and reputation has a huge impact on the ultimate value of their brand. When a brand loses integrity, its meaning and value to consumers is diminished. And, while every consumer experience may not live up to the highest order promises from the brand, it's essential for marketers to protect the integrity of their brands in order to retain the ability to connect with and win the hearts of consumers.

  • There's No Place Like Restaurants For The Holidays? in Marketing: CPG on 12/17/2014

    The holiday season is in full swing, which means office parties, time with family, and food -- lots of it. Traditionally, consumers have spent much of their time in December in the kitchen, transforming fresh ingredients into delicious, homemade food. But 46% of consumers today eat out when they want better food that is healthier and tastier, according to a recent study from The Hartman Group. In other words, almost half of consumers believe that restaurant food is healthier than food made at home. This is astonishing, considering that restaurant-goers have little knowledge or control over what goes into their meals.

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