• What CPG Brands Could Learn From Lidl, A European Supermarket That's Heading Stateside
    Lidl, a German-based supermarket chain that's been around since the early 1970s, has announced that it will open its doors this summer on U.S. soil for the first time, launching an expected 20 stores in the Carolinas and Virginia, all of which are purposefully located close to the brand's U.S. headquarters (in Arlington, Va).
  • Millennials Most Likely To Spend On Brands They Love
    Despite claims that brand loyalty is dead among millennials, new research from Accenture, which explored the loyalty relationships between consumers and brands operating in the CPG industry, finds that 67% will, in fact, spend more with the brands they love, compared to older shoppers. But realizing that opportunity by earning and maintaining loyalty from younger consumers remains a challenge, as 70% regularly keep an eye out for better deals.
  • Ready, Set, Grow: Consumer Community Outreach Best Practices
    Great! You've established an online community of consumers. You've included them in sampling campaigns and maybe a few other engagement activities. But how do you ensure your community's long-term success beyond specific campaigns? How do you continually keep the community active, engaged and growing? How often should you reach out - what's not enough or, maybe worse, too much? And what kind of two-way interaction will your consumers welcome? What's the right cadence?
  • Food Trends? Ask An Influencer
    Social media has definitely changed the way all of us view food. Restaurants have evolved their lighting to better serve Instagram foodies. Millennials purchase tiny lights to illuminate their meals and desserts so they are camera ready. Pinterest, with its 15 billion pins, has reported an 86% increase in food engagement and a 25% increase in food pins over the prior year. A simple search of #food on Google will net you over 5 billion results. YouTube boasts over 71 million videos centered on food and Tasty videos have garnered over 2.7 million subscribers.
  • Think Small
    Fifty years ago this summer, Mike Nichols' "The Graduate" hit American movie theaters. The film's protagonist, Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, is provided with some career advice in a penultimate moment when his parents' smugly successful friend suggests - "One word: Plastics." The moment captured the disillusionment of Baby Boomers and the desire to drop out instead of embracing a steady paycheck - and a seemingly spiritless life in chemical manufacturing.
  • How To Build Successful Influencer Marketing Campaigns
    CPG brands have jumped on the influencer marketing bandwagon with everyone from cosmetic, food, diaper, paper towel and many other CPG brands all leveraging influencers to help tell their stories.
  • Redefining Conversion: The New (And Shorter) Path To Purchase For CPGs
    At a recent trade show, a major CPG company shared what it thought of as its customers' typical "path to purchase." It involved an offline ad, a friend mentioning the product on social media, consumers seeing the product in the store, engaging with a digital coupon in a digital ad, and then going to an online retailer to search for and buy the product online using that coupon.
  • At The End Of A TV Ad, Use Your Logo Or Shot Of Your Packaging?
    Branding is one of the three essential advertising elements that lead to in-market success. As such, there are many variations of brand inclusion at the end of a TV ad, including package shots or simply showing the brand logo. Making the decision to include a package shot or brand logo at the end of an ad can require some additional consideration.
  • 4 Ways CPG Brands Annoy Their Influencers
    As brands increasingly utilize influencer marketing, methodologies begin to vary. Not surprisingly, some CPG brands' approaches are more conducive to great influencer relationships than others. We've run more than 100 influencer programs just in the last few years and there are some consistent areas where brands run into trouble. Here are my top four.
  • Retail Outlook: Apocalypse or Opportunity?
    More retailers filed for bankruptcy in the first three months of 2017 than in all of 2016, sparking headlines warning of a retail apocalypse and painting Amazon as the villain. With shoppers' retail spending up versus last year, and 90% of retail sales still conducted in brick-and-mortar outlets, according to the National Retail Federation, those headlines are misleading. True, many established retailers have failed to compete effectively, but others are thriving. What can we learn from their attempts to propel retail and brand growth? Retailers who deliver a preferred shopper experience will win more shopper dollars.
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