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Paolo Pazzia

Member since January 2015

Paolo leads the charge for iris NY’s planning team, where he develops extraordinary ideas and strategy for brands like Smirnoff, Reckitt Benckeiser, COTY, and Barclay Card. His remarkable work is continually recognized with industry-leading accolade including Cannes Lions, FCS Awards, Effies and the OMMA Awards. Paolo’s digital experience stems back to his home in Montreal, Quebec at Marketel McCann Erickson where he managed digital planning for Air Canada, A/B Inbev, MasterCard and L'Oréal. He moved to New York City to head up sales strategies for digital publisher Say Media before moving onto Publicis NY where he developed the digital strategy for Citibank. He helped launch Citi’s partnership with Google Wallet, and lead projects like ThankYou Point Sharing and NYC's CitiBike. A graduate of Concordia University's John Molson School of Business, Paolo is addicted to tomatoes and poutine, and will happily argue the finer points of Montreal Bagels in NYC.

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  • What Exactly Are You Buying From Your E-tailer's Membership Program? in Marketing: CPG on 06/01/2015

    Online shopping just got a whole lot more convenient. Within the last week, both Amazon and Walmart announced the piloting of two new services: Amazon is experimenting with same-day delivery in select cities and Walmart will be testing its first subscription-based shipping program. The latter will help Walmart (a brand that has always prided itself on its everyday low-price guarantees) compete with the already uber-convenient Amazon Prime, offering free three-day shipping on approximately 15% of the products within the retailer's digital catalogue. And while retailers like Walmart have always had a leg-up at understanding the nuances of omnichannel, more than a few CPG organizations will be left scratching their heads trying to keep up with the game their customers are competing at.

  • Why Your Influencer Strategies Shouldn't Be Managed By Your Media Team in Marketing: CPG on 03/02/2015

    Social influence democratized the age-old "influencer status" by devaluing the idea of influence entirely. It turned everyone into an influencer, and in the process, it turned a strategy like influence into another media metric.

  • From Bricks To Clicks, What CPG Marketers Stand To Learn From Other Evolving Industries in Marketing: CPG on 02/02/2015

    For a while now, marketers have been hearing from industry analysts about the downfall of brick-and-mortar establishments. Words like omnichannel have made their way into the vernacular of almost every marketing and product team, and companies are investing significant dollars in finding the right balance between their digital and physical strategies.

  • A CPG Planner's Wish For 2015 in Marketing: CPG on 01/05/2015

    As we enter the New Year, marketers and non-marketers begin to look back on all we've accomplished last year. As advertisers, nostalgia has us reminiscing about the latest of late nights, the incredible feats we accomplished, and the campaigns that made it big along with those that didn't. For most planners we might put together a deck on what consumer culture was and how it has changed. But as planners working in CPG, one of our favorite things to also look back at is all of the random creative ideas picked up about the products we launched, and how they might plague the people around us for years to come.

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  • Why Your Influencer Strategies Shouldn't Be Managed By Your Media Team by Paolo Pazzia (Marketing: CPG on 03/02/2015)

    Totally agree Carlos - influencer marketing [be it PR or digital] has a lot in common with content marketing. I would however be hard-pressed to agree with you around the notion that media teams don't measure engagement [engagement should be the driving force with all things social - hence the whole 'social influence' bit - no?] -P2

  • Why Your Influencer Strategies Shouldn't Be Managed By Your Media Team by Paolo Pazzia (Marketing: CPG on 03/02/2015)

    Hey Dan, I think that was one of the prompts that got me thinking - the number of times great influencer campaigns get punctuated with a report, or forgotten the next time a similar campaign rolls around. Part of me thinks that it's due to the quarterly/seasonal nature of the CPG industry, the other part fears that it's what's actually happening to influence in our industry. Thanks for the build! -P2

  • Why Your Influencer Strategies Shouldn't Be Managed By Your Media Team by Paolo Pazzia (Marketing: CPG on 03/02/2015)

    Hey there Uriah, Thanks for the comment! A big reason CPG marketers love influencer campaigns is that reach aspect. But when it comes to things like longer-term relationships or long-term recognition of a figure speaking about your product, these metrics might best be suited for another type of agency [PR, Creative, etc]. While I don't doubt the ability for a media agency to manage ongoing influencer outreach - metrics reported on should be closer to PR or Creative rather than purely Media-based. I hope this sheds a little more light on my perspective. -P2

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