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Todd Krizelman

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Todd Krizelman is an expert in Internet and magazine publishing. Since 2007, he has been leading MediaRadar, a sales intelligence company devoted to helping ad supported b2b and consumer media companies increase their ad sales. From 2003 through 2006, he worked for Bertelsmann in publishing, working in Barcelona and New York City. Todd also served as cofounder and CEO of, from 1994 to 2001. He led the company from inception to taking it public on NASDAQ. hosted an Internet community 20 million monthly users and published a collection of six video game magazine and websites. Todd is a graduate of Cornell University and Harvard Business School.

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  • Do Publishers Face Risks By Adopting Google AMP? in Mobile Marketing Daily on 11/09/2015

    Google AMP (short for accelerated mobile pages) takes mobile websites and reformats them to load faster. This is good news without question for users, who today put up with consistently slow load times for mobile content. And there is good news for publishers too. Publishers who participate with Google AMP will be better ranked in Google search results (because their pages will load faster) and are likely to see increased traffic. Still, publishers might be concerned about the following issues:

  • Some Advertisers Moving Much Faster Than Others To Embrace Native in Native Insider on 01/14/2015

    The adoption of native advertising has continued to increase rapidly. Based on our tracking of this segment from June 2014 on, we found a big increase in the number of brands placing native ads. More importantly, each month an average of 638 brands have placed native ads for the very first time! This is enormous growth. However, despite native advertising's ascent, there is unequal penetration in the marketplace. Here are more key findings for the second half of 2014:

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