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Paul Sebastien

Member since October 2014Contact Paul

  • Vice President and General Manager Udemy for Business
  • Twitter: @paulsebastien
  • San Francisco California
  • 94107 USA

Paul Sebastien, vice president & general manager at Udemy, is an accomplished, innovative leader with a proven track record of results in leadership roles spanning both early-stage startups as well as large brands (Disney, T-Mobile, Microsoft Xbox LIVE, Sony). Sebastien has led high-growth marketing, sales and product teams across multiple hyper-competitive categories resulting in three successful acquisitions/exits. Sebastien specializes in developing and re-architecting brands from the ground up. Founder and CEO of two successful Web companies, Sebastien is a recognized industry leader with a large global peer network and extensive experience with Boards of Directors, top VC firms, corporate investors and PE firms.

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  • Everything Is Now Your Responsibility by Kaila Colbin (Online Spin on 09/19/2014)

    Hi Kaila, totally agree that the world is our oyster and most things we need to learn are a Google-search away. But I think it’s time that businesses share the responsibility of educating their employees. The field of marketing is a good example of an area where businesses could step it up with corporate training. Marketing and associated technologies are changing so fast (Scott Brinker’s 947 marketing technologies anyone?) that a lot of people find their skills out of date only a couple of years after graduation. If employers want the best people working for them, they need to invest in continually educating their people.

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