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Matthew Bailey

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Matt is a speaker, consultant and Author of Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day. With over 25 years online marketing experience, Matt has trained some of the biggest brands around the world on creating successful digital marketing strategies.

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  • The Future Of Business Travel Looks Bright in Marketing: Travel on 11/09/2015

    Online meetings might be convenient, but they are not a replacement for meeting clients face-to-face. Despite their connectivity and ultra familiarity with technology, Millennials see more value in business travel than their Boomer counterparts. In the recent Global Business Travel Association survey, it showed that 45% of Millennials desire to travel for business, which was nearly twice that of the Boomers (26%).

  • Decreasing The Ever-Increasing Digital Marketing Gap in Marketing: Travel on 10/12/2015

    This was a very interesting experience in contrasting marketing strategies. I spent nearly a week speaking at a travel conference at a Disney World Resort and came away deeply impressed at the strong narrative delivered throughout my experience. The depth of the Disney narrative and the clarity of the message was reinforced throughout every aspect of my activities.

  • Who Gets To Define 'Creepy'? in Marketing: Travel on 09/14/2015

    The Washington Post published a profile of TripAdvisor last week. In their 15th year of operation, TripAdvisor has almost 900 employees and has recently moved into a $120 million complex outside of Boston. Containing over 250 million reviews and receiving 160 new submissions every minute, this travel review site has become a stalwart in the travel industry.

  • It's Time For Travel Agents To Embrace The Disruption in Marketing: Travel on 08/10/2015

    For many years, I have been working with travel agents through trainings and conferences. I am continually impressed at how some have creatively built their niche and developed their business. Equally, I am amazed at how many are not prepared for the next few years. Too many are unaware of the changes that have already transpired.

  • Stuck In Chicago in Marketing: Travel on 07/13/2015

    Air travel delays aren't fun, but they certainly are frequent. Not being a stranger to delayed or cancelled flights, I usually don't think twice about it and wait. Last Wednesday was a bit different, as a routine United Airlines stop in Chicago was anything but normal. From a customer standpoint, how they dealt with it was exemplary.

  • Are Millennials Getting More Attention Than They Deserve? in Marketing: Travel on 06/08/2015

    I'm fascinated by the weekly deluge of studies and columns about the preferences and behaviors of the Millennials. While it is good to keep a pulse on future generations, I think that there is a lot of undue attention being thrust on this very small corner of the larger consumer picture. My caution is not one to ignore the Millennials but to realize that while there is a lot of noise in this area, much of the data stands contrary to the amount of attention.

  • Luxury Cruise Brands Focus On Personalization Through Specialization in Marketing: Travel on 05/11/2015

    The worldwide cruise industry is a $131-billion dollar business. For luxury cruises, nearly 90% of sales were booked through travel agents. This was the launching point for the Luxury Cruise Lines Discussion Panel at CLIA's cruise3sixty 2015 event in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., this past month.

  • Promotors Breed Promotors in Marketing: Travel on 04/13/2015

    I knew this saying was true, but to see tangible examples is always an amazing find. After examining the results of many Net Promotor Score Surveys, this principle becomes a consistent gold mine throughout the exercise.

  • Referrals As Conversion Channel: How Do They Stack Up? in Marketing: Travel on 03/09/2015

    Quick, name the top marketing channels for your business. Now, did you include customer referrals?

  • Planning Vs. Doing: You Can't Automate What You Don't Have in Marketing: Travel on 02/09/2015

    I have forgotten how many hotels I've crashed in; it has to be in the thousands at this point. While I have had many great experiences at these hotels, I had yet to experience what I would call a "wow" marketing moment after being on the premises. Sure, I've received thousands of promotional emails, informing me of events that happen throughout the year. But those go to everyone, blissfully unaware that the only reason I was there was to speak at a conference.

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