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Andy Maskin

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My career in marketing and technology has spanned multiple disciplines and contexts, but the common thread has been pairing the latest innovations with critical business needs. I currently lead the Xandr Media Lab (formerly the AT&T AdWorks Lab). It's designed to inform, engage and inspire marketers. The Lab's focus is the rapidly changing multi-screen media ecosystem and how it impacts consumer behavior. I spend a good deal of time presenting and leading discussions about what the evolving multi-screen cord-cut de-bundled entertainment future means for marketers. I also periodically author thought leadership pieces on the future of technology and advertising. Lately I've been especially interested in the rapid growth of the AI Assistant adoption (Alexa et al) and the opportunities for brands to play in this space. More broadly, I am interested in the extent to which IoT and home automation coupled with mobile will contribute to more data-centric marketing methodologies.

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  • Meet 4 Interesting Start-ups From NY Tech Day in Mobile Marketing Daily on 04/30/2015

    At NY Tech Day, billed as the world's largest tech event, the start-ups represented a wide variety of industries and human pursuits. A handful of start-ups presented technologies that were relevant to the world of marketing.

  • Snapchat Snubs Gutenberg, Reinvents Publishing in Social Media Insider on 03/04/2015

    Snapchat, the popular mobile messaging app famous for self-destructing messages, recently launched a new feature called Discover. It functions as a media portal, allowing publishers to curate a daily mix of short-form content. What makes this particular portal special is a design approach that focuses on the immediate and the ephemeral. In doing so, it has rewritten the rules of publishing and kicked Johannes Gutenberg squarely in the teeth.

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