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Hobson Powell

Member since April 2015Contact Hobson

  • Senior Director of Creative & Optimization Strategies Yahoo
  • New York New York
  • 10018 USA

Hobson leads the Creative and Optimization Strategiess team at Yahoo, a 100+ team of ad creative experts who work closely with our managed advertisers to improve their Search, Native and Audience campaigns on Yahoo. Hobson has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing, and joined Yahoo! through the 2003 acquisition of Overture, the Pasadena-based company that pioneered sponsored search advertising.

Articles by Hobson All articles by Hobson

  • Images That Drive Action: Three Ways To Better Connect With Your Audience in Search Marketing Daily on 09/14/2015

    Breaking through the clutter -- it's what all advertisers strive for. So how can a brand keep its head above water in a sea of digital ads and content? In a marketing world constrained by character limits, images can enhance an ad and help tell the story in the most efficient way.

  • Copy That Connects: 3 Tips for Better Digital Ads in Search Marketing Daily on 04/14/2015

    What's the difference between a good and great ad? How do you connect with users, but also make sure to drive people to your site? Digital marketers have a lot of optimization tactics at their disposal -- such as bids, budgets, targeting -- all designed to drive the performance of their ad campaigns, but the only thing that your potential customer actually sees is the ad. Imagine you're the consumer -- would you click on it?

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