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Roger Wu

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Roger Wu is co-founder of Cooperatize, a marketplace for sponsored content.

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  • Measuring Influencer Marketing in Marketing Daily on 08/23/2017

    The influencers we work with and hire need their content to be like a tollbooth on the customer's journey on the sales highway.

  • The Impression Is Dead. Long Live The Impression! in Native Insider on 04/29/2015

    How can we measure our new forms of native advertising? Currently, a digital display ad, or banner, costs about $2 per CPM , or about a fifth of a cent per view. These prices will continue to drop. Savvy companies and platforms have realized this losing battle and have changed our frames of reference. The cost-per-click metric used to price search engine advertising, like Google AdWords, has given us a new anchor for tools further up the funnel.

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  • Influencer Marketing Needs ROI, Not Vanity Metrics by Sean Hargrave (London Blog on 09/05/2017)

    Hi Sean,I'd love to hear your thoughts on my last piece: we've taken the first step toward real ROI beyond vanity metrics.Roger

  • The Fine Line Between Sponsored Content & Advertising by Rich Routman (Publishing Insider on 10/13/2016)

    Great points here. The easiest way to ensure that the message is on point is to attach a minimum engagement guarantee to each piece of content. The content by itself is not helpful to the brand if no one sees it!

  • Report Finds Branded Content Campaigns Grew 75% In Q2 by Tobi Elkin (Native Insider on 08/11/2016)

    Is CTR still a metric? Google has eliminated the need for people to click through on content (I know that I can find the product / website by Googling a few simple terms when it is convenient for me), the experience on mobile is horrible (anyone that has clicked through on a Facebook article leading them to Safari knows this), and clicks interrupt my current flow of consuming content on the platform of my choice (i.e. Facebook or Twitter).  Perhaps a more telling metric is understanding if the given content has led to a Google search .... 

  • Is Google Swinging The Axe On Untagged Native Advertising? by Sean Hargrave (London Blog on 01/18/2016)

    I'm happy to say that at Cooperatize, we've been keen to the rules of both the FTC and Google for a while!  For a client not to know is understandable, but if we in the industry do not or do so with intent to deceive than that is very bad.

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