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Michael Hannon

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Michael Hannon is a senior executive with over 15 years of professional experience specifically focused within digital advertising & technology. A proven leader with strategic operational experience helping organizations achieve fast growth in revenue and product. As VP, Yield and Revenue Optimization for Purch, Michael is responsible for managing Purch's advertising operations and inventory, leading content monetization strategies across a growing stable of premium technology and science properties, that now includes world-renowned tech brands Tom’s Hardware, Tom’s Guide and Tom’s IT Pro. Leading both premium sold and programmatic advertising fronts, ensuring that best of breed processes and products are in place to drive the highest yield possible across all existing and future properties. As General Manager for PulsePoint, Mr. Hannon was responsible for the development of strategies and provisioning of resources required to drive success and satisfaction across the company's unparalleled advertising and publishing client base. Prior to his tenure with PulsePoint, Mr. Hannon served as vice president of advertising operations at NBC Universal, where he was responsible for managing the operations for NBC Universal's ten owned and operated TV station websites. Mr. Hannon brings significant media and client management experience to his role and has held senior management positions at companies including PulsePoint, NBC Universal,, Unicast and Direct Revenue.

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  • Operationalizing Programmatic: Three Challenge Areas in Programmatic Insider on 04/30/2015

    For digital publishers today, the benefits of programmatic are clearer than ever. Not only does it provide the chance to monetize all inventory, it also provides the insight necessary to understand what kind of yield the open market can produce. In turn, this informs pricing strategies for all ad products sold. That's why the overwhelming majority of publishers have embraced programmatic. But they're still struggling with programmatic's basics. Here are the three areas where challenges are most common.

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