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Lorne Brown

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  • Verizon's Spending Spree Signals Death To The Ad Ecosystem by Lorne Brown (MediaDailyNews on 08/04/2015)

    My sense is there will always be enough new quality publishers to create competition (think BuzzFeed, Vox, Vice, etc), but that more money will flow directly to pubs and less to ad tech.  Consolidation is coming and companies like ATT/Direct, Comcast, Facebook & Verizon/AOL are now in the lead.  For media companies, working with these companies as partners is a good thing (or at least a better thing!).  Not unlike the cable / programmer relationships that kept the TV model successful all these years.  They have a vested interest in their partner's success in creating great content.  Data simply becomes a new currency in that relationship & I believe consumers will get more relevant advertising.

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