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Chad Capellman

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Chad Capellman (@chadrem) is a web strategist at Taoti Creative (@taoticreative) in Washington, DC, a Drupal-based digital strategy and web design firm that provides a full suite of creative, development, hosting and branding services. He has more than 15 years experience in various online roles that include writer, editor, web producer, account manager, marketer, developer and social media strategist. He got started on the web by transitioning from print to the early days of and has never looked back. He has hands-on experience working with non-profits, sports, healthcare, government, online book publishing and consumer packaged goods. Chad is somewhat addicted to new and emerging technologies, and is constantly pondering novel and practical ways clients and friends alike can leverage them to cut through the noise and connect with target audiences.

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  • Picture This: Some Options For Telling The Story Of Your Hospital by Chad Capellman (Marketing: Health on 01/07/2011)

    Thanks for the feedback Leslie. You bring up great points about overload and appropriateness and how any of this information was displayed is vital. Most of the items I listed were from the mindset of being helpful reminders or items that could be of value to the audience. By doing this, the hospital could reinforce its value to the community as having the best interests of its patients -- and those who care about them enough to visit -- at heart.

  • Points To Ponder For Mayo Clinic's New Social Endeavor by Chad Capellman (Marketing: Health on 10/01/2010)

    Thanks for the comments Lee. I think a lot of good should come of the project. One point I'd like to clarify is in what I meant by open source. What I love about Ushahidi is how they've been able to open source the platform to enable others to use it in their own way. This is a subtle distinction from using an open-source platform as a content management system, but it's obviously still very early in the process and I appreciate you clarifying here. I also appreciate you taking the time to engage with myself and Frani Lieberman about this on the blogs and on Twitter. Looking forward to seeing the site!

  • Get Outta Your Mind(Set) For Social Media Success by Chad Capellman (Marketing: Health on 08/06/2010)

    FYI, the link to the video can be found here

  • Tap Into IPad's Marketing Power by Chad Capellman (Marketing: Health on 07/02/2010)

    I wasn't really saying definitively either way. There are ways to achieve this while still staying within both the letter and the spirit of various regulations for gifts that exist now and that are on the way. One approach could be to ship it in a returnable package with a request to return it within 30-60 days and a note saying "we know you're busy and wanted to present our product to you in a way that is engaging and would fit into your busy schedule." It is interesting though that what might be considered an excessive gift today could certainly come down in price for the same technology in just a few months as newer versions of the device enter the market. What I try to do with all of my clients at Genuine Interactive is to make them aware of new services and technologies that are available and provide conversation starters for them to channel their own expertise and insights through them. Thanks for bringing up this point Leslie!

  • Are You Ready For The Success Of Your Social Media Strategy? by Chad Capellman (Marketing: Health on 05/07/2010)

    +1 Yvonne. Nobody wants to move past this conversation than I do. However I run in to people and organizations all the time who are still in the early stages of embracing much of this. For perspective, some of these parties are also still locked into organization-wide required use of IE6, which actually came out before 9/11/01 (sigh). My sugarplum dreams include leveraging advanced social media aggregation and monitoring tools for amazing curation and conversation opportunities (like Typepad Motion, for example If you're in Boston, I'd love to meet up and trade stories some time.

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