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Melanie Davis

Member since September 2015Contact Melanie

  • Executive Director Adcraft Club of Detroit
  • 15 E. Kirby
  • Suite 418
  • Detroit Michigan
  • 48202 USA

Melanie D. Davis, APR is Executive Director for The Adcraft Club of Detroit. The Adcraft Club of Detroit is one of the most prestigious and influential advertising organizations – and the largest local advertising club – in the nation. Adcraft brings together Detroit’s advertising and marketing communications community to exchange ideas, support and educate its membership and young professionals, recognize and celebrate great work and foster creativity among the greater community. As executive director, Melanie serves as the backbone – and ambassador for – the club and is responsible for the Club’s operations and maintaining and enhancing its century-plus legacy of excellence. Melanie also serves as executive director for the Adcraft Foundation, which includes all Adcraft scholarship programs and the Michigan Advertising Industry Alliance, Adcraft’s sister advocacy group for the ad industry. In her role, Melanie helps to develop the organizations’ strategic plan and program of work, including developing products, programs and services that meet member needs. She also works to enhance Adcraft’s brand in the community, encourage membership growth and develop print and digital publications that help Adcraft meet its overarching goals.

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  • Four Tips For Marketing Cars To Millennials in Engage:Millennials on 09/23/2015

    Coming of age in the Great Recession and burdened with unprecedented amounts of student loan debt, Millennials are known for delaying adulthood. This generation, born roughly between 1982 and 2000, is more likely to live with their parents, stay in school longer and put off major purchasing decisions, such as buying a car. But as Millennials grow older, those pent-up major life decisions will happen, and smart marketers know this is not a generation to be ignored and, frankly, is a generation that can't be ignored.

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