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Max du Bois

Member since September 2015Contact Max

  • Executive Director Spencer du Bois Ltd
  • London
  • N14NG GBR

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  • 6 States Of Rebranding in Marketing: Causes on 07/13/2017

    Most sectors these days are in a continual state of flux as they seek to reinvent and reposition themselves to become more relevant. This is when many turn to their brand to adjust their position, claim new territory and re-energize their tone and message.

  • Marketing Collective Ambition in Marketing Daily on 07/07/2016

    Anyone can start a group for free. Little wonder people are increasingly less willing to hand over good money for the privilege of belonging. They need more tangible value.

  • The Commercial Sector Has Left The Charity Sector Far Behind in Marketing Daily on 09/23/2015

    Whilst the commercial world increasingly embraces digital and as a consequence creates disruptive new ways of doing business, the charity sector is still, mostly, at The Wrapper stage of its digital maturity.

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