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Ashik Desai

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Ashik Desai is the Executive Vice President of Business Growth & Analytics at ContextMedia, a company which owns and operates a suite of digital healthcare networks delivering condition-specific programming at point-of-care in all 50 states. The company focuses on engineering high levels of patient engagement through technological innovation. At ContextMedia, Ashik leads the company’s many growth initiatives with a strong focus on measured, data-supported execution and success. He has a passion for health information and the influence it could have on patients.

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  • Making The Physician-Patient Interaction More Effective in Marketing: Health on 05/31/2017

    As our industry continues its march to value-based healthcare, how will success be measured? Beyond script lift and market share, the industry has an opportunity now to come together around a common vision: That the real profit of our efforts is measured in the long-term health of patients.

  • Add Push To Your Salesforce, Add Pull To Your Marketing in Marketing: Health on 11/01/2016

    As long as there have been prescription treatments, a brand's salesforce has been the largest line item in its sales and marketing budget. Today, pharma brands are consistently spending more than $12 billion a year on sales efforts. This is a worthwhile investment, and these firms enlist some of the best salespeople in the world.

  • Reaching The Engaged Patient Of The Future in Marketing: Health on 10/04/2016

    The patient as the consumer. You've heard this one before. Additionally, you've probably read about how you, as a healthcare marketer, need to view patients through that lens from now on. But how do you actually turn that insight into action? Before answering that question, we should be asking ourselves how accurate the "consumer" label is.

  • Building Trust At The Point Of Care: Is Your Targeted Marketing Too Targeted? in Marketing: Health on 07/01/2016

    From a marketer's perspective, this is quite the question. Is it ever possible to have marketing that is too targeted?

  • How The Well-connected Doctor Enhances Patient Engagement in Marketing: Health on 11/03/2015

    We've all been there. With unexpected free time, you watch a daytime TV show that you hadn't watched since you were home sick in grade school. You fidget in the chair, and check your emails. It's been 15 minutes since you arrived and you're still in the waiting room. As a matter of fact, the average wait in doctors' offices including the waiting room and exam room is climbing upwards of 45 minutes.

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