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Karla Fernandez Parker

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Senior Marketing Executive and Multicultural Specialist Bilingual/bicultural cross-border expert who brings brands to life in the New Texas by creating culturally relevant brand engagement with consumers where they live, work, pray and play. Innovator with a demonstrated ability to deliver differentiated brand strategies and mission-critical results utilizing traditional and on-line/social mediums as well as non-traditional grass-roots solutions. Specialist at Total Market and Hispanic in-culture brand engagement for companies such as Wells Fargo, Brown-Forman, P&G, M&M/Mars, Bank of America, United Healthcare, TXU Energy, Humane Society, and Texas CASA. Marketing strategist with specific expertise in launching new products, propelling existing brands into new markets, and revitalizing lagging brands. Category expertise includes packaged goods, financial/insurance, retail, cause-marketing and energy/telecom for Fortune 500 companies, large regional companies, public entities and non-profits. Case study on acculturation and the Hispanic Grocery Shopper is published in Hispanic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective, one of the most acclaimed books on marketing to Hispanics. Graduate of University of Texas, Bachelor of Science in Advertising, Summa Cum Laude

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  • The Power Of Hispanic Media in Marketing Insider on 09/24/2018

    Hispanic media remains a powerful tool for reaching Spanish speakers, despite declining immigration to the U.S. from Spanish-speaking countries.

  • What Does it Take To Connect Culturally To Hispanics? in Marketing Insider on 06/19/2018

    In marketing circles there's incessant hype about being culturally relevant to the vast Hispanic market here in the U.S., which is 59 million strong. It is great to see examples of it done right.

  • Will The Latino Vote Tip Elections THIS Year? in Marketing Insider on 05/24/2018

    In more than 20 years of Hispanic marketing, I've heard this line over and over: The Latino vote could tip the elections this year. It's true the Latino vote has helped tremendously for both Democrats and Republicans as Latinos swayed the elections of George W. Bush both as Texas governor and then president in his race against Democrat Al Gore. They were even a force for Hilary Clinton, who secured over 60% of the Latino vote.

  • Building Oases In The Food Deserts Of Hispanic Neighborhoods in Marketing Insider on 05/10/2018

    When President Obama was in office, First Lady Michelle Obama made food deserts one of her top priorities in combating childhood obesity. According to the USDA, food deserts are defined as areas void or with sparse distribution of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other healthy, whole foods. The Food Desert Locator was part of the former first lady's "Let's Move" initiative. H

  • Latina Clergy Are Making Their Mark in Marketing Insider on 04/30/2018

    Christian denominations have been fighting the trend of declining attendance by reaching out to the Hispanic faithful hungry for what they can't find in their current churches. One area of outreach includes the willingness of Protestant churches to offer leadership positions - including the priesthood - to Latinas.

  • U.S. Hispanics Know What's Up With WhatsApp in Marketing Insider on 04/20/2018

    Ask the average U.S. social media user if they know about the messaging and Voice Over IP application called WhatsApp, and you will most likely get a shrug and a quizzical, "What app?"

  • The Hispanic Color Palette Is Diverse in Marketing Insider on 04/11/2018

    Being in multicultural advertising, I'm always looking for images to use in presentations and on behalf of client work. What I've discovered is how hard it is to find any kind of diversity in the Hispanics represented in stock imagery.

  • Consolidation In Hispanic Grocery Store Business Continues in Marketing Insider on 04/04/2018

    The growing Hispanic population in the U.S. and their proclivity for home cooking is helping fuel consolidation among Hispanic grocers. The latest being Bodega Latina's purchase of Fiesta Mart.

  • What Will Happen To U.S. Churches Without Hispanic Immigrants? in Marketing Insider on 03/06/2018

    For a country founded on religious freedom, mainline Christian denominations face the harsh reality of declining attendance. "Do not attend church or identify with any organized religion" are trending upward among most populations, according to statistics published by The Pew Center.

  • Cross-cultural Ads Are The Way To Win On YouTube in Marketing Insider on 01/30/2018

    With all of the talk of Big Data, it's clear to these consumers that most advertisers are taking a "one size fits all approach" to content and ads on YouTube. Marketers aren't leveraging the customization of the medium to really connect with these multicultural YouTube viewers.

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