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Mansi Jayakumar

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  • Game On! Use Game Play To Solve Your Business Objectives  in Marketing: CPG on 06/27/2016

    As human beings, we are fundamentally competitive. Maybe you were your high school's gym class hero or perhaps you spend too many hours decoding the Sunday paper's crossword. We like engaging in a challenge and we have exceptionally positive associations with winning. We even love watching other people compete for things (i.e., political debates, The Price is Right, March Madness, etc.). And generally speaking, as marketers we are always on the lookout to harness natural behaviors, so that we can come up with ideas deeply rooted in human insight. This is where gamification marketing comes into play.

  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Advertising: How To Cash In On The Weather in Marketing: CPG on 03/29/2016

    Upon wrapping up what was a rather warm winter, climate change is and continues to be a hot topic for all. We check the weather almost every day, plan our week ahead around it, and actively make decisions in response to what we see in the forecast. The weather impacts the clothes we wear, the food we eat, our skin and haircare routines, and many times, whether we shop online or go to the physical store. Frequent fluctuations in temperature and precipitation have kept the weather top of mind, presenting an opportunity for marketers to find new ways to be relevant. So how can brands enter that conversation?

  • Empower Consumers By Fostering Co-creation in Marketing: CPG on 01/25/2016

    In the early days of instant cake mix, all housewives had to do was add water and bake. It was that simple. When people didn't quite take to the product, companies re-engineered their cake mixes with one small modification. The recipe now required the adding of a fresh egg and voila! Sales soared. It turns out that housewives wanted to feel more involved with the process. This crucial step made women feel less guilty about taking shortcuts and instead gave them a sense of ownership over the final product. They felt like they were baking cakes from scratch and, in turn, instant cake mixes invaded all kitchens across America.

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  • Cloudy With A Chance Of Advertising: How To Cash In On The Weather by Mansi Jayakumar (Marketing: CPG on 03/29/2016)

    Very cool, Ed! I've found that the need for data (that aren't common sense) comes into play once you are able to tie specific weather patterns and fluctuations to sales, that are not obvious - for example what spikes beer sales in the winter time and how that is different in one city vs another - and more importantly how can we use specific consumer behavior effectively to push them to purchase!   

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