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Justin Choi

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Founder and CEO of Nativo

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  • You're Missing 40% Of Your Audience. Here Are The Consequences in MAD on 08/14/2020

    Apple began restricting third-party cookies on Safari in 2014, with Firefox following suit in 2019. Today, both browsers are considered cookieless environments and represent 40% of all US web traffic combined.

  • 5 Key Takeaways From The FTC's Native Guidelines  in MediaDailyNews on 01/29/2016

    The heart of the FTC's guidelines is simple: Promotional messages are deceptive when they are not clearly identifiable by consumers as advertising. To accomplish proper disclosure, publishers should require that brand content has both a clearly visible "sponsored content" label, as well as a separate byline attributing the article to the advertiser.

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  • 5 Key Takeaways From The FTC's Native Guidelines by Justin Choi (MediaDailyNews on 01/29/2016)

    Tobi, thank you. Yes, the FTC examples cover various nuances that may leave some room for interpretation. Since we've been asked by many of the top publishers we work with- we wanted to be prescriptive on what disclosures cover the requirements outlined in the guidance.  Your article captures the general reaction we've seen among our publishers and our position on the matter: clear disclosures have always been important and the FTC guidelines provide additional clarity on how they should be applied.

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