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Jared Feldman

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Jared Feldman is the CEO and Founder of Canvs, the technology platform created to measure and interpret emotions. Canvs provides insight and context around how people feel towards content. Jared has grown Canvs from a small social media startup to a multimillion dollar company supporting clients like HBO, Viacom, Starcom MediaVest Group, NBC, CAA, UTA, and more. He’s a Social TV thought leader passionate about innovation and continuously pushing the boundaries of social media insight.

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  • The New TV Focus Group - Social Media, Emotions and Scale in MediaDailyNews on 03/03/2016

    Accessing and understanding the emotions people have can be, yes, expensive and time-consuming. Thankfully, we have a powerful new "focus group" sitting in front of us that promises to be an agile, affordable new tool for TV marketers to understand how their messages are received: Twitter.

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