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Daniel Meehan

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Founder & CEO of PadSquad. Founder & CEO of Haven Home Media.; launched in 2008 and acquired by Readers Digest Association in April 2011.

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  • Don't Fear Ad Blockers if You Have The Right Ads in MediaDailyNews on 01/25/2018

    Chrome's ad blocker launches Feb. 15. The move has been met with some concern, if only because of the threat it could pose to advertisers. Takeover ads and banners aren't innovative. Rich media experiences that utilize motion, utility, 360 video and other functionality native to the smartphone are.

  • The MultiChannel Balancing Act For Publishers  in Publishers Daily on 03/14/2016

    Driving monetization in a multichannel mobile world requires a new paradigm for measuring success as a publisher of content. Three platforms are driving mobile innovation around content layout and each platform is completely distinct.

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  • A Modest Proposal: Truly 'Native' Mobile Advertising by Steve Smith (MoBlog on 07/16/2015)

    Isn't this the Adkeeper model, which never gained traction?

  • For Immediate Release: The Most Exciting News Ever! by Bob Garfield (Garfield at Large on 11/05/2012)

    That is great. Very fun. Good stuff Bob!

  • Oh, The People You'll Meet by Matt Straz (Online Spin on 10/01/2012)

    Great stuff Matt. My personal favorite are The Strivers. Nothing is more gratifying (even the success of a company you start personally) than seeing the young people you hire grow by leaps and bounds, see their trust in you and your ideas, then how they grow to trust each other's ideas, and their overwhelming desire to get things done. Makes all of the effort, risk, stress, etc well worth it.

  • 1 + 1 = I by Ari Rosenberg (Publishing Insider on 03/02/2011)

    Nice work Ari. Great point about Newsweek, and the hint that an efficient strategic idea like that one instead is eclipsed by a deal focused more on getting buzz in the industry. I can just see some media execs and investors thinking "But Newsweek has no scale!".

  • Lies And Addiction by Ari Rosenberg (Publishing Insider on 06/25/2009)

    Ari: Thanks for your response. I certainly didn't want to "attack" you personally, so I hope my comments were not viewed in that way. If they were, I apologize. My goal was to professionally disagree with your opinion- nothing personal here at all. I do think it would have been more clear had you made the distinction between broad networks, exchanges, and vertical networks in the article. Also, I again disagree with the notion that the online space has not changed much since 2003. You don't address the explosion of content providers, page views, and online users with broadband penetration. This are significant factors in why ad networks started and exist today. If a publisher's audience, page views, and inventory levels have grown about 20% per year, there is a huge supply of inventory in the market. Add to that the incredible growth of niche publishers and the "leverage" in media has swung directly in the buyers' favor. Perhaps what top-tier publishers could do (and I know many of them already employ these ideas) is monetize their remnant inventory with networks in "non-premium" placements. This provides them with a distinct difference between the value of network buys and direct selling. The ability to create custom sponsorships, integrations, along with premium placements should differentiate the direct sales efforts from the channel conflict with networks. Not having a media buyer/agency perspective slants this conversation dramatically. After all, they are the gatekeepers of the budgets we're all trying to get a piece of. If they say they like using the "good" networks, and plan to use them more in the future, I'll pay attention to that. Again, reality and winning RFPs pays the bills. Theoretical discussions do not. Vertical networks are a different story, and (in full transparency) a model that I believe in as President of a vertical firm.

  • Lies And Addiction by Ari Rosenberg (Publishing Insider on 06/25/2009)

    Ari: As Joelle pointed out, you are painting all ad networks with the same brush. One could say: All media sales consultants are liars........ And without any actual data to back up that statement, just opinions, how would you respond to that as a media consultant? You also reference your time directing online sales efforts at IGN. I think you would agree that the online media space has changed quite a bit since 2003. Content providers have exploded since that time, and it continues to. Would you have every niche content site publisher sell direct? Is there not a place for media sales experts to add value by bringing new audiences around expert content to brand advertisers? Did you speak to media buyers and management at agencies? They'll probably tell you that good ad network partners add value to what they do, and that the buyers plan to incorporate network buys more often moving forward. There is recent research to back this up. What do you have to say about Comscore's recent release about the value of vertical ad networks' audiences and their tremendous growth? Unfortunately, it appears you took the easy way out and disparaged the "old bad ad networks" for publishers lack of online media savvy. Fact is, good broad ad networks are here to stay and will continue to grow. Focused vertical ad networks in specific categories who have expertise will continue to grow. You're opinion may remain, but that's the reality based on market conditions.

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